Buddha for you:
Robert en Linda.

Over the past 7 years Robert en Linda have travelled all over the world.
With their back-packs on they have visited many amazing places such as:
The Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Varanassi, and many more.

Asia kept beeing their number one choice!
One of their journeys went through Vietnam. In Vietnam Robert and Linda received a gift from friends. It was a Buddha painting!
Back in Holland they received many compliments on the Buddha painting
people asked them several times to bring them the same Buddha painting on their next journey. Because of those requests Robert and Linda got the idea of starting a web site called Buddha for you. The idea was to make it possible for people to have a Buddha painting of their own. 

Buddha for you has become the site where you can choose your favourite Buddha painting. The art painters paint every Buddha by hand with oilpaint on canvas. When the paint is dry it is shipped to Holland. Together with their Vietnamese partner Miss Nam they have chosen this collection of buddha paintings. Now and then new Buddha paintings will be added to the collection. Robert and Linda are glad to invite you to the Gallery.

Kind regards, 

Robert & Linda
Buddha for you